How to Fix Gogo Kiki Joy Live Can't Log In Error or Stuck Loading

How to Fix issue Loading Error Gogo Kiki Joy Live Can Not Log In or Stuck Loading - How to fix,, Joy.Live Can't Login or Stuck at loading screen problem - Hello dear friends, I hope you always be healthy wherever you are. A few days ago I heard from friends that the Gogo.Live, Kiki.Live, Joy.Live app could not log in. Even though I have logged in from several ways such as logging in via Facebook, logging in via Instagram, or logging in via a mobile number. I have tried everything but still fails login or may be stuck at loading screen.
fix gogo joy live
Tutorial dalam bahasa Indonesia Cara Mengatasi Gogo Kiki Joy.Live Tidak Bisa Login atau Susah Masuk

Solutions and Possibilities:

  1. The problem or possibility of this issue is Gogo.Live, Kiki.Live, Joy.Live can't the server because of maintenance or the server is under construction, so the login is blocked. Usually there is a notification from the admin if there is a maintenance.
  2. May be your internet have some interference, so to access Gogo.Live, Kiki.Live, Joy.Live gets stuck. Make sure your internet is working fine. To check if your internet is good, you can do it by opening Youtube, if  there is no trouble, it means your internet is running perfectly.
  3. Apk-data error. If you do not find any issue like two possibilities earlier, then the third problem is that your apk-data have some errors. For this problem you can download updated file or fixed apk-data files that you can download in the link below. For the installation tutorial you can play YouTube tutorials videos in the bottom on this page.

How to download:

  • Click that link you will find the download link
  • To download file, you must verify by installing the 2 available app or fill an offer.
  • After finish installing 2 apps or fill an offer, the mediafire download link will open and file will automatically be downloaded on your phone.
  • Only can be downloaded using a smartphone, you can't use a PC.
  • For more details, please watch video tutorial below

How to install:

  1. After you download the file, you can extract with file manager because the file is still in the form of .zip which is only can be open with file manager.
  2. You can use default file manager on your phone or other file manager that you download from the Google Play Store.
  3. Copy the folder to the Android> Data> (paste here) (overwrite).
  4. After the folder and contents are copied, open the Joy APK app directly and the application will be open normally as usual, 
Thank you for visiting our blog, hopefully this short tutorial on How to Fix Gogo Kiki Joy. Live login issue can be usefull for you.
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